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Almond Crust Cheesecake With Blackberry Topping

It’s kind of tradition here to have cheesecake at Easter…(no ham dinner though – I made tamales!) This has to be my favorite cheesecake recipe although I usually use boysenberries for the topping. It is very moist and creamy with … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

No cooking this week! We’re on a family road trip to Carlsbad NM. First stop is Tuscon AZ and its time to find some great Mexican food! This is my first time at El Charro Cafe but I hear its … Continue reading

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Marbled Rye Bread

Here’s the bread recipe that I used for my Pastrami Project! (That Pastrami was awesome…. I may have to make more soon!) I used a Recipe from Red Star Yeast and made a couple of modifications to it. The concept … Continue reading

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The Pastrami Project!

Pastrami has always sounded like a fun cooking project to do, but it seems that I never set aside the time to do it! The process of making pastrami is actually easy, you just have to plan ahead as it … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon is a time that we often get together and make a “family project” dinner. This weekend we made tamales… This is only our fourth time making these so I wouldn’t say that we are tamale experts by any … Continue reading

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Looks like someone is taking it easy today

We have a flock of chickens here… Most of them are Cuckoo Marans and it looks like one of the young ones just started laying! Looks like we won’t be buying eggs at the store anytime soon…

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