Cinco de Mayo Tamales!

I’ll be making my tamales again for a Cinco de Mayo party later today, but I am going to do a couple of things different this time- So I thought I’d reblog my original post and edit it with my changes!
Yesterday we had fresh corn on the cob with dinner and as I was shucking the corn I thought “Why not use these fresh husks on my tamales?” I’m sure this is not a new idea at all, but it just occurred to me!! By cutting off each end of the whole corn – I was able to peel  the husks off intact. I got approximately 6 usable husks per ear of corn!

Update: Using the fresh corn husks was great! They were very pliable and easy to roll… the only drawback was that the husks tended to be smaller than the dried husks that you would buy.  The tamales were a big hit … very few left over.  The most interesting dish at the party was a Texas style Brisket that was aged for 45 days and then slow cooked in BBQ for 10 hours! Amazing…

Cast Iron Dan

ImageSaturday afternoon is a time that we often get together and make a “family project” dinner. This weekend we made tamales… This is only our fourth time making these so I wouldn’t say that we are tamale experts by any means, but these things are great! They are definitely better than any I have ever purchased.

One nice thing about making your own tamales is that you can customize them for your own tastes. My son Zack and I prefer the pork tamales but my wife and daughter like the chile-cheese ones! Plus you can guarantee yourself that they are Gluten-Free if your diet demands it!


Fillings: 1 small pork roast, fire roasted green chiles, Monterey Jack Cheese (cut into cubes)

Pork Filling: I think the best pork for tamales comes from cooking it low and slow so it will be moist and shreds easily. Start by placing a…

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