Words with Friends?

Wow..2015 already! Where does the time go?  As I looked at my blog today I noticed that I haven’t posted anything since September, when I made another batch of bacon (which turned out great!)

The past three months have been very busy, full of activities and cooking (of course)  I didn’t have a lot of time to write, but I managed to take pictures and made mental notes of things I wanted to go back to and write about later… There was a wonderful wedding we attended in the Temecula wine country and the Green Bean pickles that I made as a result of that… A week later I experimented with Bread and Butter Green Bean Pickles (why not!) I have been working on a small library in Mojave CA, the snake rescue at my Father in Laws house, Cinnamon Apple Jelly, My wife going Gluten Free and my gluten free bread that was a disaster!, Chicken Curry with Homemade Chutney, Homemade pasta/ Venison Lasagne, An awesome root canal, and My parents coming to visit for 6 weeks which I really enjoy. I will try to step up my blog posts and get all these stories out!

Last but not least our two exchange students!

Our first exchange student (Paloma) came to us in October from Brazil. She is very outgoing and fit right into our family and  even cooked some Brazilian recipes for us. In December, My two daughters took her to Las Vegas so she could see the “Pawn Stars” pawn shop (and maybe even see “Chumlee”)  Paloma is now back in Brazil, but is planning on returning in late January.  Our second student is from China. His name is Zheng, but he has chosen to go by the name “John” as it’s easier for everyone to pronounce! John doesn’t  speak much English, but he is learning slowly. I have the app Google Translate on my phone which really helps. Turns out it helps them more than it helps me!

When each of our students arrived one of the first things that they wanted to do was to go to the Apple Store and  replace their “aged” Iphone 4’s with the new Iphone 6, so we took each of them down to the nearest Apple Store (40 miles) and they picked up new phones! Paloma told me that an Iphone 6 costs over $2000 in Brazil, so I guess that it makes sense to buy them here!

When we got word that John was on his way from China  it was about 2 weeks earlier than we had anticipated! We had 2 days to get everything set for his arrival so we rushed out and bought another bed, sheets, towels etc.  The one thing that we forgot about was a mattress pad, so while my wife and I were Christmas shopping we stopped at a linen store and picked up a mattress pad. When we arrived at the checkstand Daphne noticed that she had picked up a waterproof mattress pad by mistake! She told the checker that she had picked up the waterproof one, but wanted one that will breathe. We bought the right one and went home.


So what does this long, rambling post have to do with Words With Friends? My parents are both in their 70s now and we live over 14oo miles apart. One thing that we like to do together over that distance is play Words With Friends – it’s quick, easy and you can play when you have a spare minute. The only thing that is annoying is the commercials that are played in between each game. There is an ad-free version in the Itunes store, but alas, no ad-free  version for android.    Although it is a bit of an intrusion into my privacy, I understand that if you search the internet (or Amazon for instance) for a product – sooner or later you will see that same product show up in someones advertising on a web page. What I am not ok with is products showing up in Words with Friends ads that I did not search for! The other day I saw an ad on Words with Friends for a “waterproof mattress pad” really? That’s hardly a coincidence. I never searched or even looked on my phone for a mattress pad. The only way to know is if my phone listened in on our conversation at the linen store!

The other strange ad I have received twice now is a Cell phone carrier (I think it was verizon)  in Chinese! I did use Google Translate at the Apple Store… I wonder.

Has anyone else noticed this? It just seems like too much of a coincidence.




About CastIronDan

I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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5 Responses to Words with Friends?

  1. robbie shannon says:

    made any beer lately?

  2. Broshaker says:

    Use IXQUICK for a search engine

  3. Andy says:

    Well, I personally welcome our cell phone overlords.

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