Spring Chicks on the way!

Earlier this month we decided that we needed more chickens. Don’t ask me how we came to that conclusion since we have 20+ chickens already and they are currently laying an average of 15 eggs a day right now! (We have lots of friends and family that want farm fresh eggs, so they go fast!)

I knew that my sister in law was wanting some chicks and they have just finished converting their backyard playhouse into a chicken house so I told her I would hatch some chicks for her! I am hatching Americauna’s and Black Copper Marans to add to our flock. Americauna’s lay either blue or green eggs and the BC Marans lay a deep chocolate brown egg. I’ve been wanting a flock of these for some time…

So I dug out and dusted off our old “Little Giant” incubator. We have used this thing for years – it’s about as basic as you can get, but we have had great success with it. Just plug it in and slowly adjust the temperature, adjust manually for humidity by adding water to the bottom of the tray and roll the eggs (manually of course) 3 times a day!


I located a local breeder of Black Copper Marans who raises them for show. He was a very nice guy who told me all about his birds (and eggs) and assured me of their great blood lines.(Bev Davis line) I purchased a dozen+ eggs for $30.


So on March 6, I put all the eggs into the incubator which is set at 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch, so I will have a new post with pictures on March 28. Wish me luck!

About CastIronDan

I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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