Hatch Day

Well, the last two days were hatch days for the chickens and it looks like a very low percentage of eggs hatched. Of the Americaunas we ended up with two chicks and of the Black Copper Marans only 4 hatched. Of course,  technically today is day 21, so we may still get a surprise or two. We will see



I talked to the breeder that sold me the eggs and he offered to set me up with more eggs or he would give me a couple of chicks out of his next hatch. It is a nice offer that he didn’t have to make. Nice guy!


Black Copper Marans rooster

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4 Responses to Hatch Day

  1. Cute pics of the little ones. In suburban areas in Australia we are not allowed to keep roosters and with my luck, fertilised eggs would turn out to be mostly boys :-/ I hope you get more hatchlings. Looking forward to more pics!

  2. simplelyme06 says:

    Cute pics…I so want a few Black Copper Marans ( really just 2) to add to my small flock waiting on a breeder to get back to me…but I may just have to order some next year and sell the one’s I don’t want…

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