Spring Chick Update

Well, all the chicks are now two weeks old and are all doing well! I sent the two Americaunas and one of the Black Copper Marans over to my Sister In Law’s house and the other three Marans are still in the brooder. So far it looks like I have two hens and one rooster. the chick that I suspect is a rooster is nearly double the size of the others and is showing some copper feathers already (Second picture) We will see.


I met with the Marans breeder last week and he supplied me with another 6 eggs! wpid-20150409_145609.jpg

The eggs seem nice and dark – he said they were “8’s” on the egg color scale. Lets hope we get some hens that can lay that dark of an egg!

So I have started the incubator back up once more! I have a total of 16 eggs in this time. Besides the BCM eggs, I have 6 Americauna, 2 Polish and 2 Olive Eggers. They have been incubating for a week now  – we candled them last night and all 16 were fertile! Hopefully we will have better luck than last time.

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I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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5 Responses to Spring Chick Update

  1. Marans are great chickens Dan! Good luck!

  2. llbean719 says:

    Hatching your own chicks sounds very exciting! We are not at all ready for that but hopefully in the future. Your chick pictures are great.
    Thanks for sharing!

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