1 Month Chick Update

Well, the chicks  from the first hatching are now 1 month old and they have grown quite a bit! I actually hadn’t noticed that they were that big until the chicks started hatching from the second hatching… wow, the new chicks seem so tiny!  I moved the three Black Copper Marans chicks out to the chicken house today where they can grow up just a bit more before they can join the flock.


BCM Rooster?

The one chick that I believe is a rooster is really getting some nice colors… The kids have named him Mongo. Unfortunately Mongo doesn’t have feathered feet like he should have, but that’s ok…

The second hatch went ok. We ended up with 9 more chicks. 5 Americaunas, 1 Olive egger, 1 Golden Polish, and 2 more BCMs. The Marans are for me and the other 7 will go to my sister in law. It’s kind of interesting to note that the group of 7 chicks hatched within hours of each other on day 19 (2 days early) but the marans both hatched on day 22.


Americauna chick. this one will probably be white.

Golden Polish chick

Golden Polish chick


Black Copper Marans chick (with feathered legs!)

This is our sheltie Suki, the protector of all the chickens! She will stand on that chair and watch the chicks in the brooder for hours like it’s TV! (Probably more entertaining)  When we let the chickens free range in the backyard, her job is to round them up when it’s time to go in.


Suki TV


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4 Responses to 1 Month Chick Update

  1. Love the pictures: especially the ‘chickens free-ranging on the dining room table’ shots and the adorable one of your watchdog!

  2. Cute blog post. The first photo of the Maran definitely has that roo look! Love your dog tv.

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