Yogurt Flatbread

Well, it has been a busy summer!  Many projects going on,  a lot of great cooking that I should have been documenting, but it always gets pushed back to “next time I make this I will put this on the blog…” I know I am not alone because it seems to happen to most everyone!

The one thing that I have kept up on is keeping up with all the blogs that I follow. Of the hundred or so bloggers that I do follow – there are less than a dozen that make posts regularly! One of my favorite regular posters comes from the UK- Cooking With Mr.Fitz He has a very creative food and travel blog. If you’re looking for new blogs to follow I would suggest this one!

Before I go any further, I’ve got to mention that this recipe is from Mr Fitz. He posted So soft and Simple flatbreads in June 2015. I have made this recipe nearly weekly since then because it is that good!They are soft and flavorful even as left overs the next day. We have had the flatbread as a sandwich, as bread with a meal, and even as tacos (really good!)
The recipe is so simple that you really don’t need to write it down, but just to help get the portions right I will include a recipe for 10 flatbread!
Mr Fitz’s Yogurt Flatbread
Makes 10 flatbread
In mixing bowl add:
10 oz All purpose flour
10 oz Greek Yogurt
1 teaspoon baking powder (my addition)
dash of salt

Mix ingredients until they form a ball. The dough will be sticky, but roll it out onto a floured cutting board
Divide dough into 10 equal parts and roll into balls. Roll dough into a 6″ to 8″ circle and place in preheated cast iron pan (med high)
While that cooks, roll the next flatbread out…
When your flatbread “bubbles up” and starts to get attractive brown spots on it, it is time to flip and cook the other side.Don’t worry if the bread starts to resemble a balloon – it’s all good.

Store finished flatbread in a towel to keep them warm.
Finished product stuffed with pulled pork and homemade bread and butter pickles!
As an experiment I once made these with blueberry yogurt and they turned out great! You could make an interesting dessert with these. If you do try using fruit yogurt I would add 1 additional ounce of flour as the yogurt seems to be more liquid.

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I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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1 Response to Yogurt Flatbread

  1. Mr Fitz says:

    That really made me smile! Like the idea of the fruity ones.. And the addition of powder .. Cool✌️🎯

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