Deep Sea Fishing 2015


This past weekend the opportunity came for me and my son, Zack to go deep sea fishing with my brother and his two sons out of San Diego! The boat was a six-pack charter called “Angler Management”… perfect for a Father/Son trip with only six people fishing!
I haven’t been fishing like this for years. It has been just too busy and it is not cheap! My son has never fished the ocean and had yet to catch a fish, so three days before we left I gave Zack a quick lesson on casting a tuna rod (and how to avoid the inevitable bird’s nest that occurs!) After one day, he could actually cast farther than I could!
Friday night, we all drove down to the Ocean Beach area and picked up supplies (snacks, beer at Bevmo, and Mexican fishing permits) For dinner, we decided to go to Hodad’s Hodad’s is a real “hole in the wall” surfer style place that opened in 1969. This place was famous even before Guy Fieri featured it on Diners, Drive Ins, and Diveswpid-wp-1444758627443.jpeg

I had the “Guido Burger” (with pastrami and swiss) and some excellent onion rings! I’m kind of glad that I live three hours away from here…
After dinner, we climbed back into the truck and the thermometer said that it was 91f (at 8:00 pm!) Looks like it is going to be a very hot fishing trip! We headed down to Mission Bay to meet up with Captain Kyle. When we got there, the captain had been working on the generator that had just died and it wouldn’t be running on this trip! That means no AC and no stove. That was unfortunate, but that’s not going to stop this trip!


We all climb aboard and head off to the bait barge to pick up some very lively sardines. From there, it’s time to head south 35 or so miles into Mexico. The seas were calm and the water averaged 77 degrees… That’s the warmest that I’ve ever seen- Thanks to El Nino.
Right before sunrise I went out on deck. Off to the east hung the moon and three planets (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury), nearly all in a row. It all seemed so close- I wish that I could have taken a decent picture of this!


At sunrise, we started trolling for about 1/2 hour until the captain received word that a lot of Yellowfin tuna were biting nearby. 15 minutes later, My brother Don was already hooked up, then Zack and my nephews hooked up with Yellowfin too! These fish were “footballs” and weighed about 15 lbs.

bloody deck

I was happy to get to watch Zack catch his first fish ever! Yellowfin is a great first fish- I believe that my first was a 4 inch bluegill! My plan was to video him, but I hooked into a fish also and missed the opportunity. Oh well.
During this stop we had two hammerhead sharks circling the boat! One was approximately 5 foot long while the other was easily 8 foot… I expected to lose a few fish to these sharks, but somehow that didn’t happen!
We decided to leave the fish biting and troll by some kelp paddies for some larger tuna or maybe some Dorado or Wahoo. Two of the four trolling rods went crazy when we passed the very first paddy! I grabbed a big sardine and cast out and within 10 seconds the line was peeling off of the reel!! I looked down into the blue water and there were gold streaks everywhere… Dorado! I then looked out about 50 feet and I saw a big bull dorado jump clear out of the water and do a flip!! I also noticed that my line was leading right to that fish. I’m not really one to just yell with excitement, but this time I did!The fish fought hard and jumped at least three times… definitely the most fun fish I have ever caught (and the most colorful!) So here I am with my first Dorado ever! The fish never got weighed, but it was easily 30lb.


Throughout the day we caught Yellowfin tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail and a few Skipjack. We tried real hard to get a Marlin to come play, but it just wasn’t interested…
We had some great quality time together and it would fun to do it again while the water is so warm!

Kyle DoradoHaydenFinalcountCatch

Fresh fish on the grill the next day was awesome!



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One Response to Deep Sea Fishing 2015

  1. sarahfoto says:

    Wow that looks amazing! I wish I was there… Absolutely need to get a boat this summer, not that the Swedish fish is quite as impressive.

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