It’s so hot today that I’m smoking…

…Bacon, that is!  Here in Apple Valley we are under an excessive heat warning until Wednesday of this week. Tomorrow’s highs are supposed to be between 103 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit! The temperature today so far is 100f.

I have been curing bacon this week and today is smoking day, so I will just sit in the shade by the pond and take it easy!


I am still working on my pond filter/waterfall… it may take me all summer to get the waterfall done, but the filter is up and running in the water is now very clear! Unfortunately, any visiting egrets will be able to see their lunch a lot easier now!
My small garden seems to be really doing well with this heat – especially the squash.


I picked 6 zucchini  yesterday for the barbeque today and this morning there are six more ready to pick!
I also spotted my first watermelon growing this morning… it’s about the size of a quarter.


One more thing that I planted this year that’s doing well is Thai Red Roselle.



This variety of hibiscus  has citrus scented flowers, which is what you use to make Jamaica tea. The way this plant is growing-   should be able to harvest the spent flowers soon!


Mexican Day lily

So this week is going to be very hot but I’m going to enjoy it because there’s very little humidity! Next week I’m flying to Kansas.The weather forecast there is about 100 degrees but very high humidity… It will be interesting!
The reason I am willing to go and sweat in the Midwest next week is because my father is going in on Monday for open heart surgery. This is going to be a difficult week  for all and any prayers will be appreciated!


About CastIronDan

I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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2 Responses to It’s so hot today that I’m smoking…

  1. My prayers with your Dad. Mine had open heart surgery when I was about 10. He had it in December. My Mom packed up gifts and cookies and we hung out in Big Sur for Christmas without the usual trappings. I will never forget the worry followed by the trip. Wonderful just hanging out and doing jigsaw puzzles while watching the rain come down.

    • CastIronDan says:

      Thank you! Dad had open heart in 1995, but I guess it’s needed again. I know what you mean about the worry (and stress) that comes with the surgery. I will update as I can…

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