The Elements of Pizza

I’ve always enjoyed making things myself. Whether I am roasting coffee, curing bacon or making a pizza, if you learn to do it yourself it is going to be fresher and (hopefully) just the way you like it! Plus there is that feeling of satisfaction that you get when you realize that you can make this! I like that feeling and I don’t think that I will never change, but I’m also always looking to improve on what I’ve  learned.     When I first noticed the book “The Elements of Pizza” available  – I knew right away that I wanted to review it! My pizza making skills are not bad, we make pizza quite a bit, but what I feel needs improving  is my crusts. They are all ok, but I want a more flavorful,  lighter and crisper crust. Looks like I picked a good book to read!

Book Review
The Elements of Pizza
Ken Forkish


In reading this book, I hoped to improve my dough making skills and pick up some new techniques… from the first dough ball I made using this book, my pizza crust has really improved!  My crusts now have better taste, and are lighter and have a better texture. I have always used a stand mixer to mix my dough,  but I have learned how easy it is to mix by hand – which surprisingly takes very little time actually mixing / kneading.  Without mentioning to my children that I was using a different recipe, both commented to me that the crust on our pizza was really great and please make this again!
This book was an easy read, with great pictures that are printed on nicely weighted paper.

Besides dough, there are other sections on sauces,  toppings, entire specialty pizzas, and cooking, (Especially using a peel and stone!)
If you are looking to improve  your pizza skills, I highly recommend this  book!

FTC disclaimer:  The opinions that I have stated in my review are entirely my own, and were not influenced by any third party. I received this book from Blogging For Books In exchange for an honest review.

If you are a fellow blogger  that likes to read, I highly suggest checking out their website


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3 Responses to The Elements of Pizza

  1. sarahfoto says:

    Ha! We had pizza last night after my husband reading that book. He wants to perfect it so we’re having pizza again tonight 😉

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