Getting Ready For The Holidays


I can’t believe how fast the holidays snuck up on me this year! So many things to do and so little time…I just barely had time to cure another round of bacon…. There are 20 lbs smoking on my grill as I write this post, and in case you’re wondering – no, it’s not all for me! I made 10 lbs of Macallen (whisky) and Black Pepper bacon for my brother in law and his wife (Hi Monica!) The Macallan bacon is sitting towards the back of the grill, Rosemary Herb is in the right front and to the left is Cardamom and Nutmeg bacon! I highly recommend curing your own bacon and if you care to try- here’s my post on Bacon Curing!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving dinner with all of the in-laws, so later tonight I will be making some desserts to bring. Pots De Creme has been requested so I have to bring some! Also I will make a buttermilk pie which I will try to post about later!

Also, for some reason, my Baileys Banana Bread with Pine Nuts post has become very popular in the last few weeks with readers from the UK, Australia and other various countries! I assume that someone posted a link to the recipe, but I’m really curious as to where! My stats lately have been about 5x what I normally get. So if you found my blog by viewing the banana bread bread recipe- Did you try it? What did you think? and thanks for checking it out!



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I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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14 Responses to Getting Ready For The Holidays

  1. Wow, the bacon looks amazing! I’ll be looking up your Bailey’s banana bread recipe, sounds very interesting.

  2. Looked back at your bacon curing post. The apple juice and honey bacon certainly sounds good.

  3. Saroop Kumar says:

    Very nice blog and your blogs always inspire me to cook something new.

  4. Looks Great! Hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

  5. I may just trying curing bacon. Thank you.😀

  6. I will be watching you and your bacon making posts. Our kune Kune pig is pregnant. This is our first time with pigs. Next year, we will be making our own home grown bacon. You need to make a trip to AZ.

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