Aquarium of the Pacific

My oldest daughter called last week and said that she would be in Southern California (Long Beach)  for the weekend. We jumped at the chance to go visit and said that we would meet her on Saturday and spend the day.  So all week we debated about where we would go while we were there… go to the beach? rain in the forecast. Knotts Berry Farm? Possibly,  but again, rain. Visit the Queen Mary? Reggae festival on Saturday. In the end, we decided to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Saturday came and so did the rain. We seem to be getting our fair share of it these days! It’s a shame that the California government isn’t interested in building (and upgrading) more reservoirs to save some of this rain to help out in our next drought which is probably not too far away… better to spend billions on a bullet train to nowhere in earthquake country! Yikes!

Admission to the aquarium was $22- thanks to the $8 off coupons that my wife found ($48 dollar discount…. nice!) As it had stopped raining, we headed to the outdoor exhibits first.

First stop was a station where you can observe and even pet jellyfish. Their stinging cells are too small to cause pain in humans. All the jellyfish that I have encountered in the past did cause pain… so this was nice!

Then we were off to feed the lorikeets some special nectar! $4.00 for a little cup, but I went into the enclosure with no food and the birds still came and visited me. Fun.

They had quite a variety of stingrays. Some places were set up that you could pet them…


The penguins were fun to watch. It’s amazing how fast they can swim in their little enclosure.

Also outside were sharks, steelhead, horseshoe crabs, sea lions and a few other things. Time to see the indoor exhibits. ..


These little eels were not even the size of a pencil!

This is why it was hard to find Nemo… there are too many of them!

More amazing jellyfish!

Hammerhead Shark

Pipe fish

Various seahorses. The last one is a leafy dragon and looks more like a piece of seaweed  than a seahorse!

Puffer fish


I was really impressed with my visit to the aquarium.  So much variety. So many unusual sights, but most importantly – every species in every display looked healthy and happy.                                Highly recommended.

Once we left the aquarium, we looked to our right and had a great view of the Queen Mary!  Also, in case you were wondering- we could hear the reggae festival from across the channel!



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8 Responses to Aquarium of the Pacific

  1. What a great idea for a rainy day! We love the Aquarium of the Pacific and your pictures do a great job capturing the highlights of the place! Love your jellyfish pictures- just beautiful! We haven’t gone in years so thanks for the reminder. Glad you had such a nice day with your family.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I once had a puffer fish named Peetie. He was the only fish that I ever knew that could actually see us outside of the aquarium.

  3. Dan, these are great photos! What a wonderful day for your family! 😎

  4. sarahfoto says:

    Looks like a great visit! In Sweden we have loads of the non-stinging jellyfish usually mixed up with one or two red stinging ones. Last couple of years also american jellyfish, non stinging and look like they have disco lights on when they swim.

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