Heading Home

Part 3 of 3

 We are not in Kansas anymore! 

After saying goodbye to my parents, we headed east on hwy 36 and then dropped down to I 70 in Hays, Kansas. The Blue Rapids area had a lot of hills and trees, but the further west that you travel the flatter the landscape becomes! 

By the time we got to Colorado Springs the temperature had dropped to 54 degrees! (Back in Apple Valley the temp was pretty much double that!) Our plans are  to spend the night in Colorado Springs, get up and go to a garage sale and then head over the Rockies and spend the night somewhere in Utah.

 When we were leaving Blue Rapids I saw on Facebook that Kevin J Anderson posted that he would be having a yard sale this weekend. Kevin is one of my favorite science fiction authors and his house was right on the way home… how could I not go?

Well, it turns out that he is as real nice guy and we talked for a good 10 minutes or so about his different series of books and a new one that is in the works. I bought a couple of small things, said goodby and headed for the Rockies!

By the time that we got to the I 70 at the base of the Rockies the interstate was really congested  and  I began to question myself if I really wanted to be in a traffic jam all the way over the continental divide… but the traffic eased up over time! I was really surprised to see so many dead trees there were along the mountains. Some areas I estimate had 50% dead trees! More victims of the bark beetle I suppose. 

 Call me old, I guess, but I think I had the whole John Denver music catalog playing in my head during the drive through the mountains! Funny how that happens sometimes…

One of the many tunnels. 

 We stopped in Silverthorne for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant,  which was pretty good. Back on the road!

About a half mile down the road. I had to swerve to avoid hitting almost the whole drive train of an 18 wheeler! Drive shaft, u joint and a bunch of other stuff  – what the…   Looking up ahead I see a couple of vehicles with flat tires and the disabled truck streaming coolant into the road. I slowed down and drove through the coolant, but as I  did,  I could see that it was actually diesel fuel and there was a lot pouring out and flowing into the median. I have no idea how long that will take to clean up, or if they will close the road to do it! Obviously an accident, but if my buddy John were alive,  he’d be writing a song about it! When we stop tonight I’ll look for a car wash to wash off the diesel. 

West side of Rockies 

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I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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7 Responses to Heading Home

  1. What a great road experience, Dan! I love the photos!

  2. Glad you were safe near the accident. The trucks often burn up their brakes coming down from the Eisenhower tunnel and there are some very serious accidents on that stretch of I-70. Vacations are fun, but it is always good to be heading home. JandM

  3. Gorgeous pictures Dan!! And I love that you planned your travels around a garage sale with a favorite author!! Great serendipity! So welcome home. Hope the rest of your summer rolls aong as well…

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