A Possum in My Chickenhouse

So yesterday after work, I go feed chickens, feed cat , refill water in pond and I walk around the corner of the house and Maggie (our 1 year old german shepherd) had killed the young rooster that was out.

She was prancing around having a grand old time over this poor lump of bright colored feathers. I yelled at her and told her to get into the house. I went over and looked at the chicken. Yep, it was dead – not moving at all, but it died with an eye open. Weird. After a minute it slowly closed, and I figured it was all over. I grabbed a shovel to bury the rooster. The ground was hard and dry after digging about 6 inches (I do live in the desert!), so I grabbed a bucket and dipped it in the pond and poured water in the hole. I looked at the chicken and its eye was open again. Not moving though… great- it must be paralyzed. Great, just what I want to do after work… put a paralyzed chicken out of its misery and bury it. Ugh. Sometimes you just have to do what is required. I let the water slowly soak in and finished digging. Now, how am I going to ease this poor bird’s suffering? I reached down to pick him up and he jumped up and ran across the yard like I’ve never seen a chicken run!! What? I was shocked…

Just then, my wife and son got home from school. I explained what happened and asked if they’d help me catch the rooster and put him back in the chickenyard. We go out and the chicken is walking around normally! I catch him and take a look at his mortal wound and there is nothing! No gaping wound, no blood, no missing feathers… I guess this rooster is part possum!

That darn bird laid there for a half an hour or so and didn’t move a muscle! I didn’t fill the hole that I dug back up with dirt… I figure the rooster may not be as lucky next time!

As for Maggie, she is 75 lbs of pure exuberance and I believe she was having a great time playing, and theres no evidence that she even bit the rooster…although I’m sure that the rooster would disagree with my assessment! If we do nothing, she will start killing chickens and that’s unacceptable. She is starting her training with a local trainer tomorrow. My training with her started yesterday😉


About CastIronDan

I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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9 Responses to A Possum in My Chickenhouse

  1. Lacey says:

    Oh my gosh how funny!

  2. Lol, never heard of a rooster playing dead! 😂

  3. What a story! Immediately I thought, that’s not good but the rooster is okay and Maggie is attending doggy school! Perfect!😊

  4. What a crazy story Dan!!! Glad he lived to “tell the tale!” He must be an intrepid rooster! And– so cool that you have chickens. Would live to do it, but I think our yards too small. Fun post!

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