Road trip 2018!

September and early October were a busy time for me. In mid September I flew out with my son Zack to Kansas to visit my mother and attend a Kansas concert! The concert was held outside – actually on the Oregon Trail in a place called Alcove Springs. We visited there last year and I wrote a bit about it here.

Seating was limited to 3000 (you had to bring your own chair!) Food and drinks were all supplied by a local brewery and a local BBQ outfit, which I thought was pretty cool!

We had a great time listening to a great band from my younger years!

The weather was just perfect while we were there, and I was amazed just how nice and green the local crops were!

A few days later. Zack and I flew home to California with my mom so she could visit the rest of the family too. We stayed home 10 days and had a few good barbecues and an awesome pizza party at the house!

I may have to write a blog post soon about pizza on the bbq! So good.

We then packed up our suitcases and got ready for a huge road trip! The plan was for me to drive back to Kansas (1525 miles) and drop Mom off at home, and then drive to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania and move my daughter and her boyfriend back to California.

The short version: I drove 5,359 miles in 12 days and lived!

The long version: We drove 300 miles before it started raining and the closer we got to Kansas – the harder it rained!! There were swollen rivers, flooded fields and a lot of mud, but I was totally surprised to see those nice green crops all dried looking and brown! How could that be? There’s no way for everything to be that brown in thatshort amount of time.

I dropped Mom off and headed to Pennsylvania the next morning. The weather dried up a bit. For the next 1200 miles I studied all the crops that I drove by… most were brown, but the grasses surrounding the fields were green! It finally dawned on me what I was seeing… the farmers are using roundup (glyphosate) to kill their crops and dry them before harvest. They’re obviously spraying all of their crops… corn, wheat, soybeans… everything. I even saw one soybean field that had a few big patches of green in the middle where they had missed spraying.

Sorry, but I can’t believe that spraying an herbicide on your food 3 to 7 days before it is harvested would be safe… There has been an explosion of cases of Celiac disease around this country- my wife was diagnosed last year. Now I have to wonder if maybe there is a connection there? I am beginning to think that there is. At this point, buying organic is the best option, but it may be too late if you already have a Celiac diagnosis.

Ok, rant over… As soon as I got to Pennsylvania it started raining again as all the moisture from hurricane Michael moved northward! We packed the truck in the rain and headed west!

By the time that we got back to Blue Rapids, Kansas another storm was upon us… this time it snowed!

When we left to go home on Monday morning I had to scrape 4″ of snow off of my windshield! We headed south toward Dodge City and spent the night in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The next morning it started raining again! By the time we hit Albuquerque it was starting to snow again and it was all snow by the time that we hit Flagstaff….

I was worried that they might shut down I40 at Flagstaff, but we made it through just fine!

We spent our last night in Laughlin Nevada where we got a nice room at the Flamingo. After all of that driving, I really didn’t feel like doing much, so I lost $5 playing Keno and headed to bed!

I am very glad to be home now, and I am amazed and thankful that we travelled 5359 miles in rain and snow and had no problems at all!

Also, after seeing all the evidence of glyphosate bring sprayed directly on our food just days before harvesting- this is the first thing that I bought at the supermarket!

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I'm a married father of three from Apple Valley, CA that enjoys Cooking, Roasting Coffee and HomeBrewing.
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6 Responses to Road trip 2018!

  1. Good choice with Bob’s organic flour. They make all kinds of flour too…coconut, tapioca,buckwheat. I think you are right with all the pesticides and I think cancer could be linked to it too. There’s so many diseases that they have to be related to our food source. That’s why I keep an organic garden in the summer. I know where it comes from and who grew it. Maybe we need harsher regulations and more self sufficient framing homesteads, of yester year. I’m glad you all made the road trip safely! So many miles!😀

    • CastIronDan says:

      Bob’s also makes a great Gluten-free flour unfortunately it’s not organic. I will definitely be expanding my garden in 2019 and looking for organic sources for the grain that we eat… Thank you for reading my post/rant! Dan

  2. Wow, lots of traveling! Sounds like you guys made some good memories. I look forward to your BBQ pizza recipe, looks delicious 🙂

  3. sarahfoto says:

    I wore for bbq pizza blog post! Scary thing with the spraying for sure, definitely worth paying a bit more for organic.

  4. granny1947 says:

    My word…what a trip.
    Looks like you got all four seasons in one.
    So nice that you got to spend time with your Mom.

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