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Chicken Update…

Owls and Chickens continued… Well, the chicks that we ordered from Murray McMurray came in the mail today! 18 healthy chicks… Our order consisted of 10 Araucana (Americana) , 5 Red Stars, 2 Golden Polish and Murray McMurray always throws … Continue reading

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Owls and Chickens

 So we have had a flock of Cuckoo Marans chickens for about 3 years now. Out of all the different breeds that we have raised over the years the Marans have been my favorite. I really like the chocolate brown … Continue reading

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Looks like someone is taking it easy today

We have a flock of chickens here… Most of them are Cuckoo Marans and it looks like one of the young ones just started laying! Looks like we won’t be buying eggs at the store anytime soon…

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