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Turkish Delight

For the past few months my wife has suggested that I try making Turkish delight or Lokum – it’s one of her favorites and it’s gluten free! Daphne was diagnosed with Celiac disease last year so I have been doing … Continue reading

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Vibrant India (a book review)

Sorry for my extended hiatus from writing lately! Life has been very busy at work, trying to get my garden going, and adding  a new dog to the family – I am working on a post to catch up on … Continue reading

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Home Cured Bacon

With all the posts that I have done over the summer about curing meat, (Pastrami, Smoked Turkey and Canadian Bacon) I think that there is no way I can move on without doing American style Bacon! When fall arrives, a … Continue reading

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Banana Wrapped Chicken

One of the things to do on my cooking “bucket list” has been to make tamales wrapped in Banana Leaves. Unfortunately they are not so plentiful out here in the Mojave Desert! Or so I thought… I found out that … Continue reading

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Back Bacon eh?

Canadian bacon, back bacon and  peameal bacon – whatever you might call it… all differ from the bacon sold in the US because it is made with a pork loin as opposed to pork bellies. (British back bacon is made … Continue reading

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Agave Roasted Pecans with Coconut

Sometime last month I found a great blog post on Agave Roasted Almonds  by Serious Bread Serious Cheese that I just had to try. I made a batch and they were great! Crunchy, Salty and Sweet – I think that … Continue reading

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Honey Smoked Turkey Breast

With the recent success of my Pastrami Project I have started looking around for other meats that I can use my stockpile of Morton’s Tender Quick on! Why not turkey? I found a nice turkey breast at the local store, … Continue reading

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The Pastrami Project!

Pastrami has always sounded like a fun cooking project to do, but it seems that I never set aside the time to do it! The process of making pastrami is actually easy, you just have to plan ahead as it … Continue reading

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Saturday afternoon is a time that we often get together and make a “family project” dinner. This weekend we made tamales… This is only our fourth time making these so I wouldn’t say that we are tamale experts by any … Continue reading

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