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A Possum in My Chickenhouse

So yesterday after work, I go feed chickens, feed cat , refill water in pond and I walk around the corner of the house and Maggie (our 1 year old german shepherd) had killed the young rooster that was out. … Continue reading

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Pocket Bidding?

Today I have a quick cautionary blog tale for you! Yesterday, as we were waiting for some friends to arrive for a BBQ- I took a minute and checked my phone for messages and any good news that might be … Continue reading

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Locked in the chicken house?

Here is an amusing tale of caution for all of us with backyard flocks of chickens! Today was a stormy, windy day here in the Mojave Desert. As the rest of my family is out of town for the week … Continue reading

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Great way to start the weekend!

I have to share my wife’s facebook post from last night! “The phone rang a while ago. My neighbor asked if I would come over, one of their cats was choking and they wanted me to try to help it. … Continue reading

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