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A New Tool For The Garden

Last week on a local gardening page on facebook someone mentioned that they were using a uv black light flashlight to find tomato horn worms in their garden. I have heard in the past that you could use a black … Continue reading

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It’s so hot today that I’m smoking…

…Bacon, that is!  Here in Apple Valley we are under an excessive heat warning until Wednesday of this week. Tomorrow’s highs are supposed to be between 103 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit! The temperature today so far is 100f. I have … Continue reading

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Locked in the chicken house?

Here is an amusing tale of caution for all of us with backyard flocks of chickens! Today was a stormy, windy day here in the Mojave Desert. As the rest of my family is out of town for the week … Continue reading

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What I Did on My Winter Vacation

Well, it hasn’t been a vacation really… it just feels like it! Usually, you can expect wind and cold in February in the Mojave Desert – but this year I’ve already used the AC in my truck quite a bit. … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Jelly

A few years back I was out looking for a fruit tree that would actually thrive out here in the Mojave Desert. I have tried Cherry, Apricot, Pear and Apple with some limited success, but they just never did well. … Continue reading

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Peking Pepper Update

Well it has been 5 months since I posted about the mystery “Peking Peppers” that i found at the nursery – time for an update. Each plant produced hundreds of small (3/8  to 1/2 inch) long peppers that were pretty … Continue reading

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