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Pots De Creme

Time for a dessert recipe that I can incorporate coffee into! This is a great rich dessert that my family likes -I think you’ll like it too! The combination of the vanilla bean, bittersweet chocolate with the rich coffee with … Continue reading

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It’s starting to feel like spring….

Time to start thinking of this year’s garden! Right now I have three thornless boysenberry vines growing in the garden. They put out a fair amount of berries each year but I think I need more, so 2 weeks ago … Continue reading

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First Crack second attempt!

As I was roasting coffee this morning I decided to post a video showing how “first crack ” sounds (like popcorn popping). Unfortunately my first two attempts to upload have failed! I’ll figure it out and then clean up all … Continue reading

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Roasting Coffee at Home

Well, I just received a new shipment of green coffee so I suppose it’s time to do a post on roasting coffee! With all the attention being paid these days to gourmet foods and the idea of making our own that … Continue reading

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